We are excited to launch the new Junior Youth (grade 10-12) teaching resources. Please ensure that you have watched the workshops linked above before accessing these resources which have limited use without the background content covered in these workshops.

Over the next three years, we aim to produce more teaching resources for the Junior Youth to provide material to span all three grades. The resources are targeted f0r the Junior Youth age bracket and are not age-specific which means that servants may use these resources for any of these grades. 

How to use these resources

These teaching resources are not a curriculum in themselves as the curriculum is the “whole life of the church” (see linked workshops above). What servants commonly refer to as ‘curriculum,’ we have called ‘teaching resources’. This is to emphasise that the teaching resources are only a small, yet important, component of what educational ministry is about: bringing one into the life of the church.

The Life of the Church

The provided resources are guides to help facilitate discussion amongst the Junior Youth and should not be used as a script. They place less emphasis on content and more on integrating what the Junior Youth experience in their lives with the tradition, theology and life of the Coptic Orthodox Church.

Each module consists of a Servants Guide file and a Table Group Session Plan file. The Servants Guide provides some background reading to help the servant prepare their discussion. It includes Biblical, liturgical and patristic links which each servant is encouraged to integrate based on the needs of their Junior Youth. You do not need to use all the Biblical, liturgical and patristic links provided, they are there for you to choose the most suitable links for your group.

The Table Group Session Plans provide a suggested flow or sequence for the discussion each week. They are designed based on the Life- Faith-Life approach explained in the workshops linked above. 

The resources are designed in a modular sequence, meaning that each session belongs to a module which runs for a number of weeks.

You will notice that there are not many explicitly Biblical modules in the scope and sequence. This is intentional as we recommend that each Junior Youth bring their own personal Bible weekly. These resources were designed so that the Junior Youth open their Bibles and read a passage together each session.  Since the scope and sequence does not cover all 52 weeks of the year, we suggest that you use the remaining weeks to cover other topics needed for your group.

Please contact frmichael@sac.edu.au  with any inquiries 

Scope and Sequence 

36 Sessions in total